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Water purified with OZONE tastes great

Have you ever wondered where the water coming into your home comes from, who has used it before, or how it was treated?  Do present water purification methods keep water safe until we use it?  Is chlorine good for us?  In the past, your choice was limited to the required chlorinated city water, well water, or costly bottled water.  Now, technology can produce OZONE, to enhance and purify every gallon of water that comes into your home for pennies a day.  Activated oxygen (O3) and a 5 micro filter will remove 99% of contaminants.  If we drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy, shouldn't we be drinking water without chemicals?  OZONE WATER is the freshest and purest water available to drink without harmful chemicals.  It will be available at every faucet in your home 24 hours a day. You can put an end to bad water quality in your home once and for all.

Water that may seem ok could be harmful to your body. For instance, your water may be acidic from chemicals used to clean it. 70 to 80% of our body is water, and if the pH of your water is low, it may create health problems for you and your family! You may be at risk of many different degenerative diseases. Scary, right? Call us today, and we will send you a FREE test strip kit to test your pH. The pH of OZONE WATER is always 7.8 or higher, which will you keep you safe.

If your pH is 7.5, your body fluids are in the healthy range, meaning that, for the moment at least, you are not mineral deficient. If your pH is between 6.0 and 6.5, you are becoming acidic and therefore may be developing one or more of the 150 degenerative diseases. If your pH is below 6.0, then you are highly acidic, very mineral deficient and may have contracted at least one degenerative disease.

This is very serious business because there is an epidemic of degenerative disease all around us.  It is important to know the fundamentals of the water you drink and the food you eat and how they affect your health.  Let us help you understand more.  Now, you can understand why it is not a good idea to soften water by reducing the mineral content using salt, which lowers the pH.  It is our goal to share this knowledge with you so you can stay healthy.  Call or email us now.  Drink only ozonated water from a HydroPure System.

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Our Ozone Water Purification & Filtration System Services: 

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Our Ozone Water Purification & Filtration Systems:

 Eliminate Bad Smells, Colors & Tastes • Soften Bath, Shower & Wash Water
Reduce Sink & Pipe Scale Buildup • Save on Detergents
Reduce Heavy Metals, Such as Iron, Manganese & Lead & Produces Great Drinking Water

You Can't Pass This Up!

Twenty years ago when the owner of the company designed and invented this product, he immediately noticed such a dramatic difference in his water that he wanted to share it with everyone. With an OZONE HydroPure Water System, your household water will be greatly improved, and you will notice a difference in every aspect of your usage. Your water will be soft to the touch and leave you squeaky clean. 

Using this ozone and filtration system will provide the best water you'll ever drink and bathe in! It is so soft that you will wonder if it is real water. It is gentle on your skin and hair and will leave your body soft to the touch. You will never take a short shower again. Don't live another day without ozone purified water for your whole home.

Contact us about this amazing water purification system that utilizes ozone and filtration before you take your next shower or drink your next glass of water.

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